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Edelway was initially created in Zurich in 2007 as an IT professional services company.

We grow with our clients in Life Sciences and IT to fully develop standalone practices.

IT / Digital

Our consulting service allows us to leverage the expertise of our people. Our strong focus on specific industries and clear vision of technological trends allow us to best complement our clients' demanding businesses.

With a database hosting over 100,000 candidates across Europe, we have contracted & placed over a 1,000 people. Key placements include: Head of Infrastructure for a top 3 global Pharma company, CIO for global retail leader, CISO for a leading chemical manufacturer, built a team of 17+ .NET developers for a top tier global bank, contributed to the CRM of a top 3 global bank with over 15 Sybase Transact SQL developers contracted over a 3 year period.

Research shows that more than 70 percent of offshore delivery centres, including both entirely owned operations as well as vendors, narrow their global operations to just three locations. These are often situated in only two countries, most frequently India, China or the Philippines.

Clients may find that these locations include abrupt currency and wage fluctuations, intense competition for employees, and regulatory limits.

The most important advantage of this model is the proximity - both spatial and cultural. The physical proximity allows for the organisation of efficient meetings. This model also guarantees cultural similarity - thanks to our multilingual workers employed in many countries, the language barrier ceases to be an obstacle.

Edelway has heavily invested in its nearshore office in Barcelona to deliver Infrastructure, Application Development, and Digital services on work package / SOW offering. We can deliver services and/or build managed services in:

- .NET or JAVA development

- ServiceNow development

- Portal/Android/iOS applications development

Our data being hosted in Spain or Switzerland on our physical server enables better data security.

Edelway specialises in transformation strategies. We support our clients in creating new growth paths in a digital world. The digital revolution has profoundly impacted upon our society by creating new forms of interactions.

Highly engaging, interactive and intuitive WebApps and Apps for publishers, employees, investors, corporate and marketing communications are created in our internal digital factory.

The design, development and content creation for Digital Annual Reports, Corporate Brochures, Newsletters and Social Media is achieved utilising our own in-house resources.

Big data optimisation allows your company to make meaningful, strategic adjustments that minimise costs, maximise results and creative data delivery.

We provide the building and improvement for the digital capabilities of your organisation by helping your company to establish a new set of rules, including increased agility, new technology solutions, and cross-functional teams.

Quick and agile integration of new digital capabilities in multinational teams, operating under the same rules and the same set of operating principles, even when located in different places.

As a company we define the most efficient and adequate technologies or project models to use which align with the business strategy, key objectives and top priorities of the business.

IT / Banking

Regulatory Technology and Risk & Compliance Solutions through the use of Big Data, Cloud solutions and bank data analysis.

AML, Bank Secrecy, Compliance Due Diligence
Peer to peer payment technology development support
Governance, Capital Planning, Risk Identification, Model development
Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Scanning, PenTest, Data Governance, Classification and Mapping, GDPR assessment

Life sciences

Commissioning, Qualification and Validation of processes and facilities to ensure compliance and approval to meet design specification. Coordinator and liaison for projects between the owner, design, commissioning, startup, validation, and the various owner groups (e.g. manufacturing engineering, maintenance, and quality).
Regulatory affairs (medical affairs) professionals usually have the responsibility of ensuring that their companies comply with all of the regulations and laws pertaining to their business. They also work with regulatory agencies and personnel on specific issues affecting their business. i.e. working with agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency (pharmaceuticals and medical devices).
QA/QC is the combination of quality assurance, the process or set of processes used to measure and assure the quality of a product, and quality control, the process of ensuring products and services meet consumer expectations. Quality assurance is process orientated and focuses on defect prevention, while quality control is product orientated and focuses on defect identification.